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Nifty E-Z Guide to EchoLinkô Operation

                                     The First Comprehensive EchoLink Reference Book

EchoLink Setup and Operation Guide

A Complete EchoLink Operating Guide 

Ideal reference for those getting into EchoLink
Straight forward and simple explanations
Written for both beginning & experienced EchoLink users
Voice over Internet technology and repeater linking
EchoLink computer users, Simplex Links and Repeaters
Installing and using EchoLink software
Call sign validation and authentication
Making contacts using your computer
Making contacts using your DTMF equipped transceivers
Establishing RF EchoLink simplex and repeater nodes
RF Link transceiver requirements
Create a node by interfacing your transceiver to a computer
Setting up computer to transceiver interfaces
Configuring EchoLink's sysop setup menus
Adding EchoLink capability to a repeater
Clear and easy to read, numerous illustrations 
Paperback cover, printed on 24 lb paper 
Size: 140,  5.5 x 8.5 inch pages
A comprehensive EchoLink reference

       Note:  EchoLink is a registered trade mark of Synergenics, LLC

The first book that covers all aspects of EchoLink installation and operation.

 Ideal for those just getting into EchoLink and for Sysops that want to establish their own VHF / UHF simplex and repeater nodes.

Using easy to understand explanations and illustrations, this book describes how the EchoLink system operates and how contacts are made using computers, RF Simplex nodes and Repeaters.

Provides full installation, setup and operating information for those that want to install EchoLink on their own computers.   Additional information is provided for those wishing to use their DTMF equipped transceivers for making EchoLink contacts on existing RF Simplex and Repeater nodes while mobile or walking around.

Detailed information provided for Sysops that wish to establish their own EchoLink RF Simplex nodes or equip existing FM repeaters for EchoLink operation.

Separate chapters are devoted to selecting and setting up link transceivers and computer to transceiver interfaces.  The pros-and-cons and the setup procedures for several different types of computer to transceiver interfaces are covered in detail.

This is the first comprehensive reference for EchoLink installation and operation ever published.  An ideal resource for installing and setting up single user, RF Simplex and Repeater based EchoLink nodes.   Experience the wonder of world-wide EchoLink communications! 

Also see the companion "EchoLink DTMF Operation" pocket guide below.                         

Nifty E-Z Guide to EchoLink Operation
ISBN 978-1456302061

                         Companion "EchoLink DTMF Operation" pocket guide
            A compact reference for making EchoLink contacts using your HT or mobile transceiver.
EchoLink DTMF Oeperation Guide

Memory jogger for making contacts while mobile or walking around

Covers using DTMF keypad for make contacts to all EchoLink node types

Verifying audio quality using the Test Server from the keypad

Step-by-step procedure for using transceivers to make contacts

Includes a table of the most used EchoLink DTMF command codes 

Instructions for entering alphabetical call signs using the DTMF keypad

Handy diagram illustrating keypad alphabetical character locations

A compact EchoLink reference guide, tri-folded to the size of a credit card

Color printed and laminated for durability

EchoLink DTMF Operation pocket guide

     Combination:  EchoLink E-Z Guide Book and DTMF Operation pocket guide
                   Buying the combination of the EchoLink book and pocket guide saves $2.00
   Nifty E-Z Guide to EchoLink Operation, plus the 
EchoLink DTMF Operation pocket guide

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