MFJ Antenna Analyzer Operation Guides

MFJ Setup and Operating Guides

Nifty Guides for the MFJ Analyzers

Simplified Operating Instructions and Explanations

The Finest MFJ Operating Guides Available
  • Operating modes clearly explained
  • Antenna Adjustment Hints and Issues
  • SWR Measurement Accuracy Issues
  • Measuring Cable Losses
  • Distance to Fault
  • Measure Capacitance and Inductance
  • Frequency Counter Operation
  • Preventing instrument damage
  • Battery & External Power Supply operation
  • Advanced Mode operations
  • Short Form Manual, Fast and Easy to use.
  • Simplified operating instructions for quick and efficient analyzer operation.
  • Eight pages, Laminated & Bound for durability.
  • Compact: Small and rugged enough to be kept with the analyzer -- so its always there as a quick reference when you need it.

High Quality & Durable

  • Comes as a 8 page spiral bound manual
  • At 4.5 x 8 inches, its about the same size as the analyzer.
  • With the same footprint, its easily kept in the analyzer's case
  • Ideal for use while operating home QTH, Field Day or portable
  • Laminated for improved Durability and Water Resistance
  • High quality color printing for greater clarity
  • Organized to find what you need fast
  • Never again be without a ready reference when its needed.

An invaluable aid for quickly recalling how to use your analyzer!
Ideal Short Form Guide for Portable and Home QTH operations.

MFJ-266 /B /C Analyzer Mini-Manual
MM-MFJ266 Price: $18.95
MFJ-226 Analyzer Mini-Manual
MM-MFJ226 Price: $18.95
MFJ-259C Analyzer Mini-Manual
MM-MFJ259C Price: $18.95