Radio Monitoring Guide

Product Description

Covering the most listened to frequencies from 0.5 to 500 MHz

Ideal reference to Short Wave, Police, Fire, Aviation, Marine Radio and more. Combines Shortwave Listening and VHF / UHF Scanning into one guide. Great to use from the home QTH or when traveling.

Condensed and practical guide to where the 'action' is found on the SWL, HF, VHF and UHF bands. Includes background information on how the various shortwave and VHF/UHF radio services operate. Use it as a tuning guide, and for programming the scanning capabilities of your radio.

A combined Shortwave and VHF / UHF scanning guide designed for the ham radio operator. Emphasizes using amateur radio antennas and general coverage HF and VHF/UHF transceivers for SWL and VHF / UHF monitoring.

Includes background information useful for monitoring Civil and General Aviation, HF Marine Telephone, VHF Marine, GMRS, FRS and other radio services.

Blue Angel, Thunderbird and civilian air-to-air and ground-to-air operational frequencies as well as International Space Station frequencies and NASA re-broadcasting references are listed.

Amateur Radio HF DX propagation beacons, plus Maritime and other popular emergency and communication nets are covered.

Web Page URL's are provided to sites offering current broadcast schedules, free SW listening tools and software, more in-depth information on aviation and maritime communications, military air communications and more.

  • New Fourth Edition, October 2015
  • Covers all action bands
  • SW Listening and VHF/UHF scanning info
  • Operating modes described
  • Provides background information
  • Make use of existing ham equipment
  • 16 laminated pages, Spiral bound
  • Packed with useful information
  • Very durable, clear and easy to read
  • Ideal for Home & Portable Operations

Table of Contents

  • Shortwave Receivers and Antennas
  • AM Band Broadcasters - 535 ~ 1700 kHz
  • International SW Broadcast Stations - 4.75 ~ 21.85 MHz
  • VHF / UHF Receivers and Antennas
  • Police, Fire, Government and Emergency Frequencies
  • Civilian and General Aviation - 108 ~ 136.975 MHz
  • Military Aviation - 118 ~ 420 MHz
  • Military and Civilian Airshows
  • HF Marine Radiotelephone - 4.065 ~ 25.115 MHz
  • VHF Marine Radio - 156.050 ~ 157.425 MHz
  • NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts
  • Amateur Radio -- Maritime Nets
  • NCDXF / IARU Worldwide Beacons
  • Other HF Band Beacons
  • General Mobile Radio Service, GMRS - 460 MHz Band
  • Family Radio Service, FRS - 460 MHz Band
  • Citizen Band Channels
  • Amateur Radio Bands
  • Amateur International Space Station Communication
  • Amateur Radio Nets
  • Multi-Use Radio Service, MURS
  • North American Railroad Frequencies

High Quality & Durable

  • Compact, the size of a highway map -- Sixteen, 4.5 x 8 inch pages
  • Spiral Bound, folds flat for greater convenience
  • Easy to keep with you while operating mobile or portable
  • Laminated for improved Durability & Water Resistance
  • Color Keyed, High quality printing

Product Details

  • Part Number: MM-RADIOMG
  • Size: 4.5x8 inches
  • Pages: Sixteen, High-Quality Laminated


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