Icom Operating Guides

Icom Setup and Operating Guides

Keep-it-with-you Radio Setup Helpers for HT's & Mobiles

Nifty! HT Transceiver Pocket Reference Guide
Tri-folded Wallet Card for HT's

Abbreviated Operating and Set-up Guides

  • Condensed Set-up and Operating Instructions
  • Simplified radio programming procedures
  • Pocket guide packed with useful operations
  • Color-coded, clear and easy to read instructions
  • HT Reference Cards fit in your wallet or radio pouch
  • Nifty Cards are professional quality instruction sheets
  • Faster and Easier than the factory Instruction Manual

!! Excellent Memory Joggers !!

  • Laminated for Durability & Water Resistance
  • High quality printing on both sides
  • Mobile Cards fit in a map pocket or glove box
  • More comprehensive than key description data charts
  • Lets you program your radio wherever you are
  • An essential Icom radio operating accessory
Nifty! mobile radio short-form reference guide
Map Size Card for basic Mobile Rigs


Nifty! Mini-Manuals are short-form guides providing Complete Radio Setup Instructions

  • Provides Step-by-Step Instructions, augmented with Hints and Explanations.
  • Includes reference information for all controls and Setup Menus.
  • Indexed and organized for Quick Access to what you need to do by mode of operation.
  • Explicit and easy to follow short-form instructions.
  • Just follow the numbered steps to setup your radio, or to program repeaters and other frequencies into memory.
  • Nifty Radio Setup Guides are Smaller, Faster and Easier to use than a normal manual.
  • Includes useful hints not found in the user manual.
  • Laminated and bound for durability.
  • Compact- 4.5 x 8 inches, fits in a map pocket , small enough to be kept with the radio.
  • Indispensable operating accessory for your radio.

Icom IC-9700 Mini-Manual
MM-IC9700 Price: $35.95
Icom IC-7610 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7610 Price: $31.95
Icom IC-7300 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7300 Price: $29.95
Icom IC-705 Mini-Manual
MM-IC705 Price: $33.95
Icom IC-2730 Mini-Manual
MM-IC2730 Price: $21.95
Icom ID-52A /E Mini-Manual
MM-ID52A Price: $35.95
Icom IC-7100 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7100 Price: $38.95
Icom IC-7200 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7200 Price: $21.95
Icom IC-T10 Mini-Manual
MM-ICT10 Price: $21.95
Icom IC-7600 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7600 Price: $33.95
Icom IC-7700 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7700 Price: $33.95
Icom IC-718 Mini-Manual
MM-IC718 Price: $21.95
Icom IC-9100 Mini-Manual
MM-IC9100 Price: $31.95
Icom IC-706MKIIG Mini-Manual (G Model)
MM-IC706MK2G Price: $21.95
Icom ID-50A /E Mini-Manual
MM-ID50A Price: $35.95
Icom ID-5100A /E Mini-Manual
MM-ID5100 Price: $36.95
Icom ID-4100A /E Mini-Manual
MM-ID4100 Price: $35.95
Icom IC-7000 Mini-Manual
MM-IC7000 Price: $28.95

Radio not listed? Check our Discontinued products page for guides that are out of production but still available for purchase.