Baofeng Operating Guides

Baofeng Setup and Operating Guides

Nifty! HT Transceiver Pocket Reference Guide
Tri-folded Wallet Card for HT's

Abbreviated Operating and Set-up Guides

  • Condensed Set-up and Operating Instructions
  • Simplified radio programming procedures
  • Pocket guide packed with useful operations
  • Color-coded, clear and easy to read instructions
  • HT Reference Cards fit in your wallet or radio pouch
  • Nifty Cards are professional quality instruction sheets
  • Faster and Easier than the factory Instruction Manual

The finest most compact Baofeng Operating Guides Available

Concisely documents the procedures for programming and operating your radio: setting simplex and repeater frequencies and modes into the VFOs, DUAL VFO receive operation, Storing setups to memory, monitoring repeaters, scanning, DTMF operations, FM broadcast reception and more.

Handy quick reference card for easily setting-up and operating your radio. This compact pocket guide provides simple to understand procedures for using the Baofeng's features, yet is small and rugged enough to be kept with you -- it comes tri-folded into a compact 2.2 x 3.6 inches-- small enough to be kept in a wallet -- so its there when you need it.

Never again be without a ready reference when operating your Baofeng transceiver.