Nifty E-Z Guide to PSK31 Operation

Product Description

A Complete PSK31 Operating Guide

Using the very popular DigiPan software as a basis, a detailed step-by-step approach is used for configuring your interface hardware, software and computer system for PSK31 operation. Detailed step-by-step instructions and computer screen shots are provided for several Windows operating systems, including Vista.

Separate chapters are devoted to the installation and setup of three different PC-to-radio interfaces. The pros and cons of building a home-brew interface or purchasing several types of commercial interfaces are explored in detail.

Detailed information is provided for setting up and operating PSK31 software. Screen shots of typical signals are provided as well as standard QSO operating procedures and macro definitions. In addition, the new data modes RSQ Reporting System is described in detail.

A separate chapter is devoted to other digital data modes that can be used with the same hardware: i.e. FSK/RTTY, CW, Packet, SSTV, EchoLink and more.

An ideal resource for deciding what kind of PSK31 hardware and software you want to use for your installation. Experience the fun of PSK!

  • Straight forward and simple explanations
  • Great for installing PSK31 in your shack
  • Different hardware interfaces are explored
  • Includes numerous tips and suggestions
  • Detailed instructions for software and hardware installation and configuration.
  • Many helpful computer screen photos
  • PC Soundcard Configuration explained
  • Covers configuring Microsoft Windows: 98 through Vista.
  • Packed with practical information
  • Clear and easy to read
  • Paperback cover, printed on 24 lb paper
  • Size: 70, 5.5 x 8.5 inch pages
  • The book to have for implementing PSK31

Product Details

  • Part Number: ISBN-978-1440447372
  • Pages: 59


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