Icom ID-4100A /E Mini-Manual

Product Description

Nifty Mini-manual operating and programming guide for the ICOM ID-4100 Mobile Transceiver and its CS-4100 Programming Software. Also covered are the use of the RS-MS1 and RS-MS3 computing device applications that extend the usefulness of the ID-4100 transceiver. The RS-MS1 Android and iOS applications allow full touch-screen remote control of the ID-4100 and the ability to easily send photos and text. The RS-MS3 Android app enables you to use your ID-4100 as an Android device or a Windows PC as an Internet Access Point (hotspot) allowing other DSTAR transceivers within RF range of your ID-4100 to make voice and digital mode transmissions to distant DSTAR repeaters.

Mini-manual size, 4.5x8 inches. Twenty-eight high-quality laminated pages, covering con figuring the radio using the microSD card and the CS-4100 Programming software. This guide covers setup and operation of all features of the radio, including the RS-MS1 and RS-MS3 computing device applications. Fully explains the operation of, and importing D-STAR repeater data from the Internet into the Repeater List memories.

Nifty! Ham Radio Mini-Manual

  • Provides clear descriptions for all controls, setup menus and modes of operation.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions, augmented with useful hints and explanations.
  • Indexed and organized for quick access to what you need by mode of operation.
  • Color-coded, clear and easy to understand instructions that clarify operation.
  • Smaller, faster and easier to use than the factory instruction manual.
  • Laminated for durability and water resistance, great for GoKits.
  • Compact: 4.5 x 8 inches, fits in a map pocket, small enough to be kept with the radio.
  • Program your ham radio wherever you are at. An essential operating accessory!

Product Details

  • Part Number: MM-ID4100
  • Size: 4.5x8 inches
  • Pages: Twenty eight, high-quality laminated


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