Elecraft PX3 Desk Stand

Product Description

Heavy Duty Elecraft PX3 Desk Stand

Perfectly matches our KX3 stand, providing an ideal angle for viewing the display and working the controls.

When placed on the stand the PX3 is supported by its back legs and secured in position with two binder clips. Using our PX3 and KXR desk stands as a pair allows convenient desktop operation of these two fine rigs.

  • Made of Heavy Duty Acrylic
  • Beautiful Gloss Black Finish
  • Designed to Perfectly fit the PX3 and match our KX3 Stand
  • Provides Comfortable Viewing Angle
  • Convenient Access to all Controls


For those that may want to have a shelf or something else over the PX3 when it is mounted on the stand, the overall combined height is less than 5.25 inches. The stand by itself is 3.8 inches high and the depth is 5.5 inches.

PX3 Panadapter not included.

Product Details

  • Part Number: DS-PX3
  • Size: 3.8 high x 5 wide x 5.5 deep


OUT OF STOCK. Product is discontinued and no longer available.

Check our Discontinued Radio Guides for limited availability of discontinued products.

DS-PX3 Price:   $24.95

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