Wouxun KG-UV8D Dual Tri-Folded Reference Card

Product Description

Tri-Folded Reference Card. Dual card foldout pocket guide, each card has six panels of information. Folded to the size of a credit card for easy carrying in a wallet or purse. High quality printing on both sides. Printed in color and laminated for durability. This guide covers all aspects of using this radio, including group mode and CTCSS scanning options and cross-band repeating.

Nifty! Handheld Transceiver Tri-Folded Reference Card

  • Condensed setup and operating instructions that simplify radio setup and programming.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions, augmented with hints and explanations.
  • Color-coded, clear and easy to understand instructions, with printing on both sides.
  • Tri-folded pocket guide easily fits in a wallet or radio pouch.
  • Smaller, faster and easier to use than the factory instruction manual.
  • Laminated for durability and water resistance, great for your wallet or GoKit.
  • Program your ham radio wherever you are at. An essential operating accessory!

Product Details

  • Part Number: QR-KGUV8D
  • Size: 2.3x3.5 inches, folded
  • Pages: Two Tri-Folded Reference Cards


OUT OF STOCK. Product is discontinued and no longer available.

Check our Discontinued Radio Guides for limited availability of discontinued products.

QR-KGUV8D Price:   $7.95

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